La Vida es una fiesta!


This freedom of expression given to us all through the curious thing that is internet is a gift  .The gift itself is a precious one though and I am so glad to be able to have this chance to connect with you from time to time, when I feel like my heart has some words or thoughts interesting enough to share.

Progressively, I am becoming the person I want to be, the person I could be truly proud of and aiming to do what my heart is truly longing for. I have been working so much on writing. I’ve just been writing pages and pages of text that I hope, and probably will share with you one day.It’s so nice to find myself at night, while the whole world feels like sleeping, drowning into the deepest part of myself and reminiscing over life itself. These are true, rare moments of peace, tranquility, serenity. Just a contemplation of the arbitrary curiosity that constitutes the world and how our thinking plays along with it, trying to bring in some meaning. These words laid on paper, reflecting a moment, a time, a thought born from life and it’s experiences seems to just float, completely out of time, and for a moment, while everything around feels so ephemeral, us and all the rest, these ideas laid down are the closest we get to a feeling of infinity.

Today i’m come back in my city for holidays in Aix en Provence in the South of france. Sweet land of the people speaking with their hands, the ricard and pastis after dinner and the cute little old men play petanque with their write socks and the chicest glasses. what is better that the sun, swimming pool and see your best friends with your boyfriend in the cours Mirabeau. I love go in the appartement of my best friend in the » place de la mairie » next to « brigand bar ». It’s small but so cool with the best view of aix en provence with the roof in terra-cotta. It’s like a little paris but with a ambiance more family and with the sun. During the morning you can do the market and buy for cook the best of ratatouille! personally my secret is to make a little of lavande ant romarin! I love my city i do one article for send you my best place in aix en provence, cassis and marseille!The brand dolce gahanna have the feel of family, sun and friend more natural. And i like this feel that returns me at the same time in the south of france and  in Italy my next destination with my love.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you today a set of pictures that i shot for a touch of spring and summer.  I wanted to create something sunny scenery and mix it together with a italian (sicilien) inspiration.  A lot of color, embroidery, pearls and accessory very fantastic. Dolce Gabbana breathes life. It’s colorful world, all the Italy inspired patterns celebrating the cultural heritage of the country, the lively shows, it’s people, it’s joy, it’s love, it’s fun. The show itself this year brought pure joy, with street dancers at the beginning of the show who warmed up the crowd and brought humanity back at the core of fashion. Sometimes, fashion feels so cold, unwelcoming… As if fashion wasn’t for people anymore. Unattainable. Dolce give fashion back. The « Almodovar » style! That’s what a show should be like. The shows aren’t anymore like they used to be… With a true story, a pure live art performance.


Dolce Gabanna summer spring 2017

Photographe: Luigi Gionati

modèle: Margaux Avila-Ponce



viva la vida!