Bonsoir!Or should I say good evening everyone.

It’s a nice way to look back on all the achievements, the growth, the experiences, give back into some heart warming memories, acknowledge the difficulties, challenges, struggles and understand how they’ve participated to grow the strength and wisdom that we’ve gathered throughout our journey…  It’s a beautiful moment where you realize what a long way you’ve come. Once someone told me, you should never compare yourself to others. You should only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

It’s so important to put ourselves in the right situations where our mind is receptive to new ideas. Our mind is like an ocean, and ideas are like fish. If we don’t actually put ourselves in the proper situation to catch them, we won’t even notice them swimming around. I am talking about the constant noise of the world. I am sure you all have experienced it. Being constantly surrounded by people at home, at work, at school, at the train station. When i create i need to be alone! For me the solitude’s essentiel for my inspiration,  my room with my music is like my secret garden.

I have always appreciated solitude and have expressed myself about it many times. Although many people attach to it a certain negative connotation, I think having the ability to appreciate solitude, especially for someone creative, is terribly nurturing. And the reason is that once you are confronted with your only self, your truest self, uninfluenced by the noise of the world, that is when the most brilliant and precious ideas immerge.

I obviously have been working on my fashion style non stop.  My priority in my life  is to realize  my dream. I think about it all the time. I love fashion. It’s bringing so much joy and passion into my life. I would like create something special, a mix with my personality, my story and my ambitions. When i draw all my women are fatal with a killer look and a one side cannibalism. For me the beauty of the women hide a poison, her beauty is this power and this revenge. In her absent look and its piercing iris, we see the vice of the snake . As a crystal clear poison, we are allowed invade by this filter which contaminates our senses and our psychic device ..

I do love the idea of transformation, of a metamorphosis. To me, it’s the natural path of evolution. We all change, the person we were an hour ago doesn’t exit anymore. We are in a constant state of development which to me is the most beautiful, exciting and fascinating part of life. In only speaks about how limitless we are, especially from within. Think about your life as a chain of reactions. Each word, each movement, each step, each thought having infinite repercussions through space and time. Now think about it, don’t you want to put the best of you out there in the universe? And create something for overcome your limits?  Somebody peoples see somethings and say « why »? I dream of something irreal and i said « why not ».


Body: Esprit

Pant: Sud Express

Sac: Zara

Bottes: Jannie Phillip

Veste: Zara Basic

Modèle: Margaux Avila-Ponce

Lieu: Place Vendôme Paris